Adjust This

You wouldn't want to go to trial without an attorney. Likewise, when you have a large loss insurance claim for your business (or home), you shouldn't try to handle it yourself. Jon's guest, Dennis Kouts, discusses some of the reasons you may want to hire a Public Adjuster. Jon and Dennis then take that example and discuss some pros, cons, do's and don'ts to self-employment in this episode of Business is ART.

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Medical Massage and Improved Productivity

People may get the wrong idea when you say you are stepping out for a massage. Medical massage therapy is not the stuff of exotic dreams, and can dramatically improve productivity while decreasing absenteeism at work. Jon and his guest, Mark Strickler, Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) discuss on this episode of Business is ART.

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The Non-Profit Challenge

We often forget that non-profit organizations are businesses too. They have all of the same challenges as a for-profit, like revenue and sales, expenses, hiring the right people, etc. Some have the added challenge of selling "hope", instead of tangible goods and services. Jon and his guest, Erin Santos, Founder/President of the Isabella Santos Foundation, discuss on this episode of Business is ART.

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What Is the Social Impact of the Spiritual Entrepreneur?

Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Entrepreneurship have been growing, hot topics for the last few years. Now comes "Spiritual Entrepreneurship" - the bringing together of business life and the "interior life."

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