Interns from Broadcast Training Camp

Interns from Broadcast Training Camp

Culture at TrueChat

From the beginning TrueChat has placed the power in the team.  Our people have a deep passion for our mission and vision.

Many of our staff members hail from around the country and work virtually from anywhere and everywhere, giving us a unique advantage over other media organizations. At our physical locations, our people work in a modern office that promotes collaboration and the exchange of ideas.

Looking for the next big thing? This is it. Are your ready to make a difference? The place is TrueChat.

What We Look For

Honest, open, and respectful people embody TrueChat’s mission. We accept people with all levels of experience as long as they have a great work ethic and are collaborative. Make sure to read some about us before applying.

Available Internships

TrueChat believes in providing a quality educational experience for our interns. All interns begin unpaid and after one to three months of training, may have the opportunity to continue as a paid intern or as paid staff. If any of these positions interest you please email with your name, position of interest, and resume/relevant experience. The time commitment for the positions listed are for interns. Our full-time people have different levels of commitments, contact us for more info.

Podcast Producer - Urbana, OH or Washington, D.C.

Podcast producers create sounds and audio specifically. The producer is part of the creative process before, during, and after a recording. The role of a producer may also include that of a board operator or technical operator who may operate the technical controls (sound volume levels, recording software, switchboard, etc.) for another person or people (i.e. the on-air talent).

Time Commitment (one or both):

  • Mon, Wed, Fri 11 am - 2 pm

  • Tue 4 pm - 5:30 pm

Podcast Editor - Remote or In-person

Podcast editors are responsible for the post production of podcasts. This includes, but is not limited to eliminating awkward pauses, cleaning up audio, applying effects, and exporting the final product. In addition, some editors may be responsible for posting the podcast through TrueChat distribution partner. Editors will become skilled at using Adobe Audition and other Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

Time Commitment: 2 to 4 hours per week

Podcast Personality - Urbana, OH

Above all else, someone on a podcast should have an outgoing personality and a clear and distinct speaking voice. An on-air personality should have a sharp wit and be able to think quickly on his or her feet, such as when interviewing guests or when things go wrong. One of the biggest challenges that an on-air personality faces while broadcasting is "dead air," which results when a cued song or ad spot doesn't play or an on-air guest becomes disconnected in the middle of a phone call.

Time Commitment: At least 1 podcast per week. Required to arrive 30-45 minutes prior to a scheduled recording.

Investigative Reporter - Remote or In-person

A reporter, also called a journalist, investigates and delivers news stories. He or she conducts interviews, observes events and does research to get all the facts about a story. Reporters work closely with producers to establish and provide additional research for podcast personalities and hosts.

Time Commitment: Varies, inquire for details.

Sports Commentator - Urbana, OH (Fall 2019)

Most games are on nights and weekends. Sports commentators often arrive several hours in advance of the broadcast, beginning with a production meeting with producers or other people involved in the broadcast transmission. Research on teams and players is often done in advance. Occasionally, broadcasters will need to conduct interviews before the game and assist with sound and equipment checks. Upon conclusion, commentators often conduct interviews, record sound bites for the station's news segments and assist in packing the equipment.

Time Commitment: Varies based on sports season. Typically 1-2 games per week 4 hours each.