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The Series

Embark on a journey to answer some of life’s most challenging questions with Jim and Tim.

Episodes will be diverse in their makeup and will approach quandaries from both a secular and faith-based standpoint. Jim Lillilbridge is a Methodist pastor and easy-going southern gentleman, while Tim Weller is a former Associate Vice President of a Fortune 100 company, self-made entrepreneur, and former theater teacher. You can expect good laughs and thought-provoking, respectful conversations on the first four seasons of The Big Questions.

  • Season 1 | The Purpose of Life

  • Season 2 | Faith in the Modern Age

  • Season 3 | Good vs. Evil

  • Season 4 | Pride and Prejudice

Join Jim & Tim on their quest to answer the big questions!

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This project won’t be possible without the collaboration of several organizations who are committed to closing the rift that has opened in our nation.

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