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A TrueChat Original Podcast

Go beyond mainstream cable news and party lines with Justin T. Weller and Lance Jackson as they work to bring you responsible media that focuses on honest opinions. The State of Us examines the concepts that are often overlooked by most major media outlets, but are critical for Americans to be educated about. There’s a world beyond the noise and it begins with Justin & Lance on The State of Us.

Over 800 Episodes & Counting

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Justin T. Weller

Host of The State of Us and your altruistic Independent


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Lance Jackson

Co-host of The State of Us and your friendly redneck liberal

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The State of Us embodies many of the ideals that TrueChat seeks to uphold. As the network’s flagship podcast for over seven years, this program continues to demonstrate what open, honest, and respectful conversations look like.

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TrueChat makes listening to all of our podcasts simple. Tune in to our shows anywhere fine podcasts are found. You can also listen anytime on our website. Below are a few common places to listen. Click any badge to be redirected to that site.



News & Updates

The State of Us frequently references outside articles, reports, videos, and other material. We strive to provide easy access to the same information Justin & Lance use for episodes.