The Problem

68% of the general public has little to no faith in mainstream media.
— Pew Research Center 2016

What is TrueChat?

TrueChat is a national media network with internet articles, radio, and video shows on a mission to create more responsible media. Our content is free, on demand, and has no commercials. We are supported through our partner shows who are committed to the pursuit of truth. Learn more about our partner show opportunities.

About TrueChat Inc.

At TrueChat we believe there is nothing more important to a democracy than an informed electorate.  Opinions don't ruin journalism, but allowing viewership to drive content does.  We make every effort to expose our audience to as many opinions as possible and share our principles of objectivity. These are the founding beliefs of TrueChat.  People used to believe in journalism and we want to restore that trust at TrueChat.

Mission Statement

TrueChat will be the mortal enemy of speculation, innuendo, and stagnation.  We will champion informed opinions and fresh ideas. TrueChat will prove that media can be trusted, relied on, and responsible. We won’t join the media elite because we’re setting a new standard, a higher standard. The TrueChat Standard.

TrueChat’s Future & Vision

We will live by and for our mission statement. We will embrace change, but remember our foundation. From our foundation we will keep the integrity of TrueChat alive.

TrueChat's vision is to create a media ecosystem in which TrueChat marshals the resources of all 50 states, with field offices in each, to provide responsible media imagined by the people and for the people.

 Lance Jackson, left, discusses relevant political issues with Camden Pierce and Jacob Circle, right, on the Current Issues Show at Studio 1A in Urbana, OH.

Lance Jackson, left, discusses relevant political issues with Camden Pierce and Jacob Circle, right, on the Current Issues Show at Studio 1A in Urbana, OH.

The future of media is here. Co-founders of TrueChat, Justin T Weller & Camden Pierce, provide a look into what TrueChat is from an everyday person and business perspectives.

TrueChat’s Back Story

TrueChat was originally founded in 2011 on the principal of change. Justin T Weller conceived the original idea of TrueChat and shared it with his best friend Camden Pierce.  In high school, the duo began broadcasting local sporting events and also talked politics once a week.

Justin was fed up with the status quo in news media and politics, hence The Current Issues Show was born.  Justin and Camden were quickly joined by a former educator of 30 years, Lance Jackson. With a philosophy of real people and honest opinions, this show would pave the way for the ideology surrounding everything at TrueChat. 

In mid 2012, Camden decided that a sports talk show that focused on teams merit, not market size, would benefit TrueChat in diversifying its appeal and adding some entertaining content.  The Monday Night Sports Show, which would later become The TrueSports Show, quickly took off and gained a substantial following.

After a successful three and a half years Justin and Camden decided to transform TrueChat into a national media network with multiple shows spanning various categories.  They got friends, family, business professionals, psychologists, and others excited.  Together they started eight more shows.

Without the efforts of others and a willingness to keep an open mind, TrueChat would not be where it is today. Justin and Camden had 8 listeners on their first show.  Today TrueChat has reached over a million people. From our staff to all of our outside contributors, community and team work are what make our endeavor possible.

Who is TrueChat

TrueChat has a Board of Directors made up of staff and local educators. Including part-time volunteers, our staff, and the Board, TrueChat maintains a team of about 30 individuals that make our endeavor possible.

We aim to involve the youth of our community and combine that with the experience and wisdom of the most experienced leaders.

TrueChat’s audience ranges from ages 12 to 90 and from people interested in sports and pop culture to those who enjoy political debates. We have a diverse auidence that desires to be engaged in TrueChat and promote positive change in society.

Meet the Founders

 Camden Pierce, left, Justin T Weller, Right

Justin T Weller

Co-Founder & President

Justin manages the general affairs of the company and helps shape the framework for TrueChat's future endeavors.  He works closely with his team to pursue responsible media.  Justin is also the host of The Current Issues Show.

In 2011, Justin conceived the original idea of TrueChat and shortly thereafter convinced Camden to join him in starting the endeavor.

Back Story

Justin started his first business, a cattle company, in high school and has been constantly thinking up new projects ever since.  Justin spent five years in business sales and marketing at Maple Lane, LLC.

The culture surrounding politics and the media's influence in American society have always fascinated Justin.  This passion developed over the course of several years after he realized his love of public speaking.

Aside from his aspirations at TrueChat, Justin enjoys reading fictional literature, watching Netflix, practicing amateur photography, advocating social equality, traveling with his partner Bret, and arguing with his best friend Camden.

Justin grew up in Small Town, USA (Urbana, OH).  While there are many aspects of his hometown that he finds limiting, Justin always finds it refreshing to return home and breathe in the country air after long stents of his fast paced life.

Camden Pierce

Co-Founder & Show Host

Camden is the host of The TrueSports Show, the Nerdcast, The Weekly Screen, and co-host of The TrueChat Show.

Camden invited Justin to commentate a high school basketball game their sophomore year. This lead Justin to realize his love for media and then develop the foundation of TrueChat.

Back Story

Camden has been a longtime sports fanatic and has been talking about them for over five years.  He realized his passion for discussing sports after he was first asked to commentate a high school basketball game for the local access channel.

After discovering this desire of broadcasting sports, Camden immediately started watching, reading, and listening to all the sports news and discussion available.  After just a couple of years, Camden had evolved into a sports aficionado.  His knowledge of sports was astonishing considering his age and the fact that he had only played football.

In addition to his passions at TrueChat, Camden enjoys hanging out with his friends, playing videogames, listening to 80's rock, and watching SportsCenter.

Camden also grew up in Urbana, OH.  Camden certainly has some animosity for his town and his experiences there, but, like Justin, he holds a high respect for the people and the lessons the small city has taught him.

Our People

TrueChat's people are what make our endeavor possible.  Our founders and directors work with our team on a daily basis and our organization utilizes a team approach to all efforts.  We get everyone's feedback because it makes us better.

From Partnership Specialists to Producers and Personalities we are each a part of the greater picture. Together, we work to accomplish TrueChat's mission and to create a new, better standard for media.