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The Series

Join Saving Earth to explore the incredible true story of how we almost saved the planet in the 1980’s and why we failed.

TrueChat is committed to building a better world and that can’t happen if our planet dies. This series will build on existing knowledge to solve the most pressing problems facing our planet.

  • Is our home dying?

  • How did we get to where we are?

  • Why did previous plans to save Earth fail?

  • What must we do to survive?

During season one, we will discover nations, cities, and organizations that are already making great progress toward saving Earth and discuss the practicality of applying those methods on a global scale.

Join Us

This project won’t be possible without the collaboration of several organizations who are committed to improving the health our planet.

If you or your organization are interested in participating with the podcast, please fill out the form and someone from our team will be in touch to discuss partnership opportunities.

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