Trump Fires his Campaign Manager - Apple Won't Support RNC

CINCINNATI - Donald Trump has fired his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski for reasons unknown according to Mr. Lewandowski. Justin Weller, host of the Current Issues Show in Cincinnati, reviews what Mr. Trump's motivations might be based on the factual evidence available. Further, Apple has now announced that they will not support the Republican Convention in Cleveland. Justin examines what this means for this election.

70 vs 700

According to sources familiar with the matter, Hillary Clinton's campaign staff boasts approximately 700 people while Donald Trump's campaign has a mere seventy.

Justin explains that Mr. Trump seems to think this is a positive aspect of his campaign, showing that he can run a more efficient campaign. If this were true however, Justin argues that there would not continue to be coverage on his campaign's disorganization.  Nor would he he leave ghost staffs of 1-2 people in critical battleground states.

Mr. Lewandowski claimed on CNN that the campaign was receiving considerable assistance and support from the Republican National Committee and that is why the campaign could operate on such a small staff. Justin attempts to debunk this by pointing out that most political insiders in the RNC resent Donald Trump as their presumptive nominee, making it extremely unlikely that the RNC would be willing to lend extensive resources to the Trump campaign or that the Trump campaign would be willing to except those resources. Further, there is simply no evidence to support any active collaboration between the RNC and the Trump campaign.

Justin points out that generally speaking a staff of seventy will never be able to spread a message as effectively as a staff of 700.

Apple Says NO to Trump & the RNC

Apple has announced that they will not be present at the Republican National Convention because of the recent comments made by Trump.

As Justin explains, this is a "huge" deal. The most valuable company in the world has denounced the actions of a political candidate. Apple has such a large base of people using their products that this could potentially help sway some of them away from Trump. While there is yet to be any evidence to support this theory, there is mounting evidence that other companies may follow suit if this election does not begin to go the way the want it to.

Surprise Topic

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This article was written by Justin T. Weller, edited by Lance Jackson and referenced The New York Times for some of the base information.