Brown, Raiders Not Getting Along

There’s some bad blood in Oakland. Antonio Brown and GM Mike Mayock reportedly got into a scuffle today, which ended with the team entertaining the idea of suspending their star receiver.

This is not the first argument Brown and his new team have had this season. Over the past month and a half Brown appealed the NFL twice to try and wear his preferred helmet, which the NFL ruled unsafe a few years back. During these appeals the former Steeler missed Raiders team camp and summer practice. He also was missing from all of the Raiders preseason, but its unlikely Brown would have played in those games anyway.

The Oakland Raiders front office recently fined Brown $54,000, citing missed team events as the reason for the bill. Antonio Brown shared a picture of the fine on Instagram, commenting that the team was mistreating him.

Executives in the Raiders front office are now debating whether or not to suspend Antonio Brown. This would void the guaranteed $30 million in Brown’s contract, and therefore make him a free agent. Whatever happens, (if Brown remains with the Raiders or gets cut lose), it is almost certain he won’t play in the Raiders opener against the Broncos on Monday.

The Oakland Raiders relationship with Antonio Brown looks to be coming to an end. This gives fans of the NFL another development to follow as the season creeps closer.

Caleb S. SpinnerComment