Indianapolis is Out of Luck

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck announced his retirement from the National Football League (NFL) on Thursday at a press conference. Luck, 29, has been with the Indianapolis Colts since the team drafted him first overall back in 2012. “It was the hardest decision in my life, but it was the right decision for me,” Luck told reporters. The announcement shocked the league, especially the Colts faithful. Coming off an injury that sidelined Luck for most of last season, the quarterback was a favorite to win Most Valuable Player (MVP) this year.

The biggest group affected by the retirement were those who drafted Luck on their fantasy team. I know some people who took Luck early because of his projected MVP status. This also hurts fantasy teams with other Colts receivers on their roster. T.Y. Hilton and Devon Funchess, the two main wide-outs on the Colts just lost their passer, and will have to catch passes from Jacoby Brissett. I have no problem with Brissett commanding the Colts offense, but he’s not the quarterback that Andrew Luck is, or was. He can evolve into a great leader for the team, but now the Colts will have to undergo a teaching period for Brissett.

Indianapolis will have some challenges this year, but over the next couple seasons should be out of the woods and back to being a contender in the AFC South.