What to do in Gaza? - Opinion

by Justin Weller, GM

The Situation

Currently near the end of the first day in this fragile cease-fire between Israel and Palestine there has yet to be an official disruption to the truce.  According to the The Wall Street Journal 80,000 troops will remain on duty near the Gaza Strip.  Considering Israel withdrew thousands of troops from the area, they still don't plan on showing any sign of weakness.

Could this Work?

It is very hard to say.  Considering that every single cease-fire to date has been violated the odds don't seem to indicate that there is much chance for success.  None of the previous cease-fires have lasted more than a day.  However, Israel is under substantial pressure from the US to end the fighting.  Hamas was left in charge of an area with an extreme lack of resources that now may be running out.

A Fight Worth Fighting?

Both sides have their reasons for this fight.  Regardless of their motivations this fighting is killing thousands upon thousands of civilians.  Anytime innocent people are put in harms way with no end in sight there is a reason for concern.  The United Nations needs to step up and end this ordeal.  The United States has no business getting further involved.  Israel and their opposition need to recognize that people on both sides are suffering and that has to stop.

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