UN Sponsored School Attacked

By Kari Giovanelli, staff writer

On July 24th,  15 people were killed and 200 more wounded in a surprise attack using shells and guns. The attack on the UN school/shelter in Gaza is just one of the many assaults launched by Israel against the Palestinians on the Gaza strip.

These tensions stem from a long period of struggle between the Palestinians and Israelis. They've continuously increased, with Israel restricting the Gaza strip in 2006, where many Palestinians live.  Now it's becoming even more heated through the 16 days of fighting. It is estimated that over 750 Palestinians have died along with 33 Israelis in this time.

Grief is prominent as reporters describe the shelter having pools of blood in the courtyard and scorch marks from the shells. Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal says that he wants a ceasefire between them and the Israelis but he adds "We don't want to be controlled by a border crossing that makes Gaza the biggest prison in the world," as his reasoning for the development of the conflict.

Many are shocked and turn to the UN for solutions. With over 118,000 being sheltered in UN sponsored schools, the public is becoming concerned for their safety. Officials assure us that they have been attempting to relocate people from shelters in Gaza that are in potential danger. However, it has been difficult to find windows of ceasefire to transport these people. They also are working towards treating all of the victims in local hospitals. 

It leaves the rest of us to wonder if the fighting will ever cease in the Middle East. It seems that in this horrific period we can only hope for the safety of those in Gaza and for a quick resolve to this conflict. Whether or not the UN believes they should become more involved in keeping the peace also seems to be undecided.