Slender Man Stabbing

By Kari Giovanelli, staff writer

The town of Waukesha, Wisconsin has been left in a state of shock and somberness as a young girl, only 12 years old, was stabbed 19 times in an attempted murder at the hands of two of her closest friends.

These three middle school girls were attending a birthday party in celebration of turning 12 years old. The next morning of May 31st, the three girls went to a nearby park for a game of “hide and seek”.

The third, smallest girl was left unaware of her approaching fate as her friends snuck up behind her and began stabbing her with a kitchen knife. Afterwards the two girls left the victim in the woods to bleed to death.

Once the victim was found and rushed to a nearby hospital, the police initiated a search for the two girls responsible for their friend’s injuries. They found them on the side of a highway, on route to a mansion where they believed the Internet legend, Slender Man, was living.  They were found with backpacks full of clothing and food, along with a 5-inch blade. In response to police questioning, the girls stated that in order to prove themselves worthy to this character, they had to kill someone.

The victim had allegedly screamed at the other girls as they repeatedly stabbed her, “I hate you…I trusted you”. One of the girls, when asked if she felt guilty simply said, “It was weird that I didn’t feel remorse,” the other added, “The bad part of me wanted her to die. The good part of me wanted her to live.”

It is important to recognize that Slender Man is not an actual human being. He is a widely popular, fictional character who stars in a horror video game. This creature is depicted as a tall man with a blank, white face, who is also dressed in black. The fondness for this thriller has led many to create stories; inserting the writers’ own spins on this Internet myth.

This attempted murder has brought a lot of questions into focus as the community struggles to make sense of this horrific event and to explain it to their children. One classmate of the girls said, “I’ve always had a hard time trusting people…I was starting to get over that and start to trust people. Now I’m not sure what to think.”

Parents are left wondering how much they should restrict their own child’s Internet use, as well as how many public events their child will be allowed to attend in the future. Many are keeping a much closer eye on what their kids are watching on television and what they are looking up online. Some say that the risk just isn't worth it.

Along with an increased wariness for our youth’s safety, the stabbing in Waukesha has brought forth a time to reassess how much the Internet influences us all. It brings into question how controlled or monitored the Internet should be, as police chief, Russell Jack, states, “[The Internet] is full of dark and wicked things”.  It also reminds us all of how impressionable our youth are and how, shockingly, the next generation seems to be struggling with separating reality from fantasy.  Many lessons can be learned from this event, as long as people take the time to be engaged and informed in the lives of our children, grandchildren, nieces, or nephews.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim’s family and friends as we, here at TrueChat, take the time to reflect and discuss these questions ourselves.

(Photo by ABC News)