The Better America Bill

by Justin Weller, Staff Writer

Last night on the Current Issues Show they discussed the Ukraine situation. They also introduced "the Better America bill" into our mock government but it is more specifically known as the Military/Stimulus Reform Act of 2014. Below are the details of the bill.



TCR 113th Congress | H.R. 358

Committee: Budget & Finance

Title of Bill:  Military Base/Stimulus Reform Act of 2014

Be It Enacted By The TCR 113th Congress

Preamble: Whereas the US operates and/or controls between 700 and 800 military bases Worldwide, as well as the presence of US military personnel in 156 countries.  This act is designed to reduce overall spending on bases worldwide.  The money saved will be used to stimulate the economy

SECTION 1: This act may be cited as, “the Better America bill.”

SECTION 2: To achieve a 20% reduction in total military base spending worldwide two budget sections will be effected.  A 5% reduction in the military budget section of “Operations and Maintenance” currently spending approximately $283.3 billion for an approximate total of $14.2 billion in reduction of expense.  An additional 15% reduction in the military budget section of “Military Construction” currently spending approximately $23.9 billion for an approximate total of $3.6 billion in reduction of expense. The total approximate reduction will equal $17.8 billion.  No military personnel will be discharged, see SECTION 5.

SECTION 3: These expense reductions are only permitted to eliminate a total not to exceed20% of overall military base spending worldwide.

SECTION 4: The president will receive the specified reduction amount to stimulate the economy through various means including infrastructure repair.  

Sub-SECTION A: The president must show a 5% profit increase in 18 months.

Sub-SECTION BThe president must show a total of 20% profit increase in 24 months on bill enactment.

Sub-SECTION C: If any of the above specifications are not met the 20% reduction in base spending will be used to reduce spending and the national debt in an appropriate way to be determined by the house budget committee.                                                                                                                                                  

SECTION 5: There shall be no military personnel discharged as a result of "the Better America bill."  Personnel will be reassigned as necessary for the duration of their contract.  At the end of said contract personnel will have a renewal opportunity.

Sub-SECTION AIf personnel must be discharged they shall receive six months of their current salary as severance pay.

Sub-SECTION B: Any necessary retraining or expenses will be paid from the 20% reduction of the military base budget.

SECTION 6: This bill shall go into effect 31 days after passage and will be revisited in three years from the date of enactment.  If no action is taken before the act's expiration the bill will terminate at that time.