Ukraine, the US & Putin - Lots of Secrets and Few Answers

By Justin Weller, Staff Writer

Although no conflict has arisen within the last week, the diplomatic actions being taken are not fully clear.  Obama, Kerry, Putin, and everyone else involved in the situation are remaining silent on the negotiations that are supposedly taking place.

 Image by Getty Images

Image by Getty Images

Last night on the Current Issues Show Scott Wood pointed out the reason for the lack of an official meeting between Obama and Putin.  Wood stated, "If I were the president it would be important to consider the influence of the press.  If there were to be an official meeting between Obama and Putin and then action was taken by Putin it could appear that the Obama was strong arming the Russian government."  Regardless of the truth, or lack of truth, in any statement by the press the simple fact that the possibility of the US forcing Russia to act could cause Russia to respond in reverse of the preferred action.

This is not something anyone wants.  Wood continued and said, "We can work the back channels as we have been and continue to do which is proving to be more effective as opposed to any official meeting."

While people in the press, the country, and the government would like more details it seems clear that, for the time being, non-public negotiations are the best approach.

We should expect further details soon and will continue to update our readers on the situation.  Join the Current Issues Show next Wednesday for more discussion.