Is the SEC the Best Conference in College Football? - Opinion

By Nico Giannilli,  Staff Writer

The SEC has fourteen member institutions in eleven contiguous states in the Southeast and Midwest. The eleven states include: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. The geographic domain of the conference stretches from Texas to South Carolina and from Missouri to Florida. For the last 103 years the Conference has shown and became a true powerhouse according to the numbers.  All but one team (Mississippi state) have an overall record of above a .500 average and have encountered for 21 National Championship titles in the bowl sub-division series.  In 2012, the SEC finished 14-9 against BCS and Independent opponents during the regular season and bowl games. In 2013, the conference finished 19-9 against the same competition.

Although I thought the gap between the SEC and everyone else was greater in years past, the SEC actually had a better bowl record and a better non-conference record than previous years. So, what does that tell us? The gap is still there, and the SEC is still top to bottom better than other conferences, despite a perceived weakness in their division and conference and there region. In The FCS division, which is Division 1 Double-A, the SEC has prevailed to the top only losing 11 out of their 64 games they played. This is the break down by conference AAC: 4-1 (.800), Big Ten: 3-1 (.750), ACC: 7-4 (.636), Big 12 3-2 (.600), Pac-12: 1-1 (.500) Independent 1-0, Mountain West 1-0, Conference USA: (8-0) MAC: 6-0Sun Belt: 9-1 (.900) FCS: 12-1 (.923). They stack up nicely against out of conference opponents.

There is simply nothing like South Eastern Conference Football. The players are faster, stronger and more athletic. When you watch them play at their stadium or on television they run such high paced offensives with quick snap counts and many audible’s, and there defensive plays are disciplined, have a lot of grit and toughness that there is no other conference that can even equip to their standards. The SEC has topped all conferences in the number of players picked in each of the past eight drafts. This year, the SEC led the way with 49 selections, outdistancing the 42 of the runner-up (ACC). The last time the SEC was not the top conference in the draft was 2006, when the Big Ten had (41) players picked and then the SEC (37). In 2007, the SEC had (41) picks and the second-place Big Ten (32). In 2008, the SEC had (35) picks and the ACC (33). In 2009, the SEC had (37) picks and the ACC (33). In 2010, the SEC had (49) picks and the Big Ten 34. In 2011, the SEC had (38) picks and the ACC (35). In 2012, the SEC had (42) picks and the Big Ten had (41). There are many great conference’s in NCAA College Football that include a lot of very talented teams. According to the numbers there just is simply nothing like the football being played in the SEC. I love the energy the games bring and the excitement they people experience. It has such a great impact on people that they are going to have their own Television Network that will be capturing all the games. For everyone that loves football you should always keep in mind who the hardest working conference in America is and will be for many years to come.

Article Revised by Justin Weller, Editor in Chief

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