SEC Powerhouse Matchup

Nico Giannilli staff writer

edited by Max Bruns, managing editor

              The bulldogs prepare for their most important game to date facing Nick Saben's Crimson tide. The biggest questions this game brings are, "Who wants it more; who deserves to be in the college playoffs more?" More thsn likely, whichever team comes out victorious will almost guarantee a spot in the first ever BCS College football playoff system.

                      Mississippi State proves time and time again why they are ranked number 1 in the nation. It will come down to the duo of quarterback Dak Prescott and running back Josh Robinson. If they can do the quarterback read-option smoothly and effectively, as they have done, there will be no problem with them beating the Roll Tide. If, somehow, it does fail and does not seem to be effective, then Alabama will destroy them upfront.

        The game will be very low scoring; the reason being is because it is SEC football, and there is no other conference, especially on the defensive spectrum, that compares to this conference. With that all being said, I believe that the bulldogs will remain undefeated and Alabama will be knocked off from title contention. It will be a shock to the country if Alabama wins the number 1 spot.