Manning Vs Brady Week 9

by Nico Giannilli, Staff Writer

Two of the all time greats square up this weekend. This will be the 16th meeting between the two quarterbacks.  It should prove to be an excellent match-up,  the two first faced off in Week 3 of the 2001 season when the Patriots beat Manning’s Indianapolis Colts 44-13 in Brady’s first career start. Manning threw three interceptions, including two of which were returned for touchdowns.

Photo by ALEKSANDAR LJESIC/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by ALEKSANDAR LJESIC/iStock / Getty Images

They also split their two previous AFC Championship match-ups with a win by Manning during the 2006 season playoffs and Brady’s Patriots getting the win in January 2004. They are both First ballot hall of famers in my opinion, simply because their posture and stride in the pocket. Tom Brady calls hut and scans the field and always throws a football like a rocket and always makes his receivers look better then what they really are.  Peyton will call 5 to 8 audibles before the ball goes off and always knows the right play to call at the right time.  It is going to be a offensive game because the patriots run defense is not strong.  That said, they have an amazing secondary with the addition of Darrell Revis in the off-season.  The broncos defense is in very good shape with no injuries, but with Tom Brady every defense looks weak. Plus, Bradey has the homefield advantage being at Gillette stadium. Looking at past results, Peyton always chokes in high pressure games and the playoffs. That being said, if the Pats defense play somewhat decent and Tom Brady throws for at least 3 touchdowns they will have no problem securing the game and getting another win on the stat chart.

After all the analysis and studying the film on their past 15 games, I have come to the conclusion that the final score of the game will be 31-28 in favor of the New England Patriots. The reason for the game being so close is that Peyton, even though he has been playing in a dome for the greater half of his career, knows how to strategize and play in the cold weather. Also, a major impact is the Patriots run game if they could build up a steady momentum and excel in the run game then it could get ugly but I have faith in the Broncos Defense especially their secondary because they have been doing so well.  I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday and may the best teams win.

Edited and Approved by Justin Weller, Editor in Chief