Your Snapchat Is NOT Safe

by Kari Giovanelli, Staff Writer

For those of our readers who use social media on a day to day basis, some may have caught wind of the security breech in many popular apps and websites. Popular media sites like Snapchat and Whisper have had their fair share under scrutiny over the past few months.

Many complaints have been filed against social media sources like these due to the countless number of pictures and comments that have been leaked onto the internet. Users are upset that the apps aren't quite living up to their expectations. Although, Apple and other advisers of these websites have assured their clients that their are no errors in the algorithms making up the apps.

In fact, the problem lies within the construction and personal databases in people's smartphones. The pictures taken on Snapchat are guaranteed to delete themselves from the recipient's phone after a preset time. Yet, the metadata of each picture is saved in databases across the world, even if the picture is erased from your phones. Any skilled hacker can target databases and recover that information.

This fake sense of privacy has led to some unsavory and erotic pictures to be passed among people in the belief that only one pair of eyes will see them and only for a short period of time. When these pictures are recovered, they are often used for blackmail or cyber-bullying. Many victims have stated that a false sense of privacy is just as bad as no privacy at all. Reluctantly, people have agreed that the long-standing rule is still relevant; "If it's not something you want your grandma to see, don't share it over technology."

Article Reviewed and Approved by:Justin Weller, Editor In Chief