NFL Statistics for Week 8 - Opinion

by Nico Giannilli, Staff Writer

It’s week eight for the NFL, and there have been some electrifying games and moments. As of now, Andrew Luck is the passing leader, with 2,331 yards; Philip Rivers is in a close second, with 2,213. Both of their teams are doing extremely well. But sometimes offense simply does not cut it. The top teams in the NFL would not be what they are today without their defense specialists. With no surprise at all, Carolinas Luke Kuechly is leading the NFL with 82 tackles, and Von Miller, in his second year for Denver, is the sack leader with 9 sacks through the first 8 games. I believe that in the last 20 years, offense has always been the focus of coaching staff in general across the NFL. I do not believe that coaches and General Managers strive to build better defenses as much as they do offenses.  There is a saying, however, that offense wins games and defense wins championships. I believe the coaches should keep that in mind.

It has been a crazy week for the NFC east, with the eagles falling to the Cardinals, which drops them to a 2nd in the NFC east. The Dallas Cowboys, however, jump to first as they take on one of their division contenders, the Washington Redskins. It’s looking like Tony Romo is set to have a game as amazing as last week, and all his receivers are back and healthier than ever. The NFC south had an awful week; every team in the conference lost and not one team had a .500 or better average.  The team with the most potential in the conference is the Panthers. Their defense is extremely explosive, having an amazing line backing core, and Cam Newton has been a real threat on the field with both throwing and running. He just needs his line to help protect him in the pocket.

The best conference simply has been NFC west. They have proven themselves a powerhouse; especially Seattle, which is truly a fun team to watch, with a ton of energy. Richard Sherman is the man to talk about. His defensive coverage is untouchable. My sleeper team of the week, however, is the Buffalo Bills. They are 2nd in the AFC East and their players are unstoppable and untouchable. Sammy Watkins is most likely going to win the rookie of the year, and it’s a fairly easy feat with Kyle Orton and E.J Manuel tossing the football. Their run game has been impressive as well, with C.J Spiller and Fred Jackson as the power running back. If they happen to get in the wild card spot or the 6 seed, they will be a dangerous team to watch for. Next week will be heavier coverage on which players to watch and which coaches need to watch their backs, as well as which teams still have a shot to turn their season around. Good luck to the Cowboys and Redskins tomorrow. Until next week, this is Nico Giannilli covering sports.

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