What's Next for America?

What would it be like for religions to find common ground, for politicians to do what’s right and for people to respect one another? Tune into the premiere of Faith in America Today and find out.

Polarization, Finger Pointing, Dehumanization – Let there be Hope!

Faith in America Today’s premiere episode claims that the biggest threat to our country is our growing lack of unity. The panel offers examples of polarizing issues and research that indicates that America has not been this divided since the Civil War.

How are we to confront our stalemates with conservative vs. liberal, science vs. faith, racial and cultural inequalities, generational divides, threatened religious freedoms and other never-ending arguments? Should we just withdraw into our like-minded enclaves and avoid those who look or act or talk or live differently? Are those cherished civil rights that we once may have taken for granted, now being jeopardized by our compounding close-minded prejudices?

Or could we eventually figure out how to restore some faith in America, rekindle some patriotism and even accept the dreamy-eyed vision that we could actually learn to get along a little bit better?

Join your host, Tim Weller, and his diverse Faith in America Today panel: 21st-century liberal millennial, Allie Matuzak; generation X Muslim Imam, Ismaeel Chartier; and baby boomer conservative Christian pastor, Jim Lillibridge. Despite their firmly held divergent beliefs, somehow this unlikely everyday American band of diversity defies the laws of stubbornness and, without conceding to opposing views, they actually seem to get along just fine. Astonishing! How could this be?

Pastor Jim offers examples of the ongoing finger-pointing and its damaging outcomes. Allie challenges the audience to understand the new perplexities of faith vs. science, and Ismaeel helps us understand the horrors of being dehumanized. Amazingly, in the midst of these incredibly challenging, deep and difficult discussions, there is somehow a light-heartedness sprinkled with a dash of laughter, the sweet scent of a truly loving family. They don’t always agree. But they do listen to each other. They do try to understand each other and, as wildly fantastic as it may sound, they actually do RESPECT and LOVE each other!

Together, they build the groundwork for upcoming episodes of Faith in America Today. More importantly, they set the example and they set the bar pretty high – tough subjects being debated by everyday Americans with very different backgrounds and quite different philosophies. How can this be? The topics would normally be hotly contested by explosive opposing sides. Not these guys! This panel makes us wonder what it might be like to live in an America where religions enjoy sharing common ground, where politicians move toward the middle, where a multicolored and multicultural people respect one another, and where we live in a world of problem-solving?

It is time to go beyond fear, beyond hate, and beyond selfishness. It’s time to try harder to love and respect each other when we find ourselves, as we so often do, at odds.

It is time to become better.